Champion Christian School
An Interdenominational Christian High School in Chico, CA!)
We are currently discussing plans
that would allow us to stay open
and pay all the bills!  More Soon...

Old News - Letter Sent out in February:

After 24 years, Champion will close its doors permanently.  A small
group of people felt called to rebuild the school in Chico and followed
God’s lead.  The plan was to move the school, simplify some of the
policies and make the school open to all students.  The group was
executing the plan; obtained a use permit and began to remodel the
school.  Just weeks before school was to start, the new City of Chico
building official stopped by and asked about building and occupancy
permits.  He then informed the school leaders that they would need to
do a major amount of work to make the building ADA compliant and
severely limited the schools use of the building until satisfactory
progress was made.  This was quite a surprise as his predecessor did
not ask for any improvements during the Use Permit process.

This was not the only setback over the past year.  Student enrollment
was low and some of those families left, due in part to the lack of
adequate facilities.  The school’s finances have been poor for quite
some time and did not improve enough.  Many people gave money
toward the remodel but not enough to keep the school solvent.

The only students at this time are three seniors who will graduate in
May and one junior taking an art class.  While it is a priority to serve
these young people, we are concurrently beginning the process of
closing the organization.  Our next set of priorities is donating or
selling the school’s assets.  We are hoping to sell anything that can
be sold to raise funds to pay the school’s debts in a manner
consistent with a bankruptcy.  At this point there are significant sums
due in three major categories: building improvement expenses, back
pay (staff and faculty), and general operating expenses.

I realize it is difficult to rationalize donating money to an organization
that is effectively closed.  I wish I could make sense of the past (and
present) but I am stifled.  One reason you might donate to a closing
organization is to avoid the negative image of a Christian organization
closing with far more debts than assets.  It is my hope that we can
pay the vendors that worked on the building and the teachers who
worked tirelessly for the first semester.

According to legal and ethical standards; any money donated to a
specific area would be spent in that area.  For any money not
earmarked, the priority is back pay (approx. $35,354), then the
building improvements (approx. $47,242) and then current vendors
(rent, utilities and such: approx. $42,374).  Unsecured debts (approx.
$18,000) would be at the end of the list.

A note about my personal interest in this situation (some of you may
be wondering why I am writing this letter).  Last spring, my wife and I
felt it was time to leave Champion.  We had helped “move the ball
forward” and we moved on to the next chapter of our lives.  Just
before Christmas we were asked to step in again.  At that time, I
expected the school to survive.  Over the past two months, it has
become clear that closing is the only option.  We are volunteering to
lead the process of closing the school in the best possible manner.

I have included a set of FAQ’s below.  If you would like to speak with
me, I can be reached at or fax a note to
530.345.5405.  The website will be updated shortly and include the
FAQ’s below and any updates over the next few months.

Thank you for years of service and giving,

Korey Williams


Could Champion be saved?
             Yes, money fixes most of our ailments at this time.  However,
it would not be prudent to simply pay the back debt and move forward
as the school is not financially stable with such a small student
population.  If a donor (or group of donors) wanted to keep the school
open, it would take the current list of debts, a small amount of money
to finish this year and the majority of the budget for next year.

Did we try marketing the school?
             Yes, to the best of our ability and finances.  It seemed as
though most people wanted to see a completed building and that was
not possible prior to school starting.

Why spend all this money without students or income to pay the
             The school leaders felt called to move the school and acted
in faith.  The leaders also expected a significant amount of giving that
never materialized.

Is Champion still accredited?
             Yes, we are accredited through the spring of next year
(2017).  However, we would need to complete the process next year to
renew for subsequent years.

When will we be closing?
             The office and current site are already closed.  The students
and one teacher will meet at a local church until graduation in May.
 The secretary and I work from our homes.  We are working on
donating/selling assets at this time.  The vendors are being notified as
well.  The official dissolution of the corporation will likely be in June or
July of this year.

What about transcripts of former students?
             We are working on this issue.  The best solution is for another
local school to keep our records and supply copies as necessary to
alumni.  The second option is to use a company like the National
Student Clearinghouse.  Their business is storing documents and
providing copies upon request.  Either of these option is likely to
include a small fee for the service (Champion used to charge

Could Champion merge with another school?
             We have visited the option on several occasions.  We have
not found any organization interested in this option.

What happens to unpaid debts?
             We would like to pay all the vendors and debts of the school.
 However, based on recent donations, it is unlikely we will pay all the
debts and bills.  I am not a lawyer but I believe the organization’s
debts that remain unpaid at dissolution will never be paid.

Can I get back donated items or funds?
             In short, no.  Any items donated were used for the mission of
the school and most likely you already received any possible tax
benefits.  It is nearly impossible to track every item donated.
 Traditionally, any assets remaining at closure would be donated to an
organization with a similar mission.  At this time Providence in Orland
and Blossom & Bloom are two local schools that we may be able to
donate some items to.  Our first priority is to raise any funds possible
to pay the bills and debts.

How can I reach the school to discuss an issue:
             Email me at or fax a note to

How can I donate funds to the school?
             We are still getting mail and the online system (http://www still works.

Have a new question: please email me. ( )
 I will post all new questions and the best answers here.
Champion may not be closing at the end May, 2016